Hello there! do you have some questions in mind as regard our services.

Kindly check through some of our Frequently asked Questions to help you with some of your questions.

*Where are you based and do you travel?

  We are currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. 
  Yes, we travel. Do reach out with our Booking or
  Contact form to further discuss travel details.

*How do we book a session?

  Kindly head on to the contact page and fill the necessary details.
  Once this is submitted, sit back and relax! We’d be in touch with
  you within 48hours.

*How far in advance should we book?

We advice you to book ahead, minimum of 2-6 weeks,
as our schedules tend to fill up quickly.

*Do you pose your clients?

    Yes we do! It is our job to pose you and guide you
    all through the entire session.

*Do you provide hardcopies?

  Yes! Hard copies and frames can be delivered
  along side with your soft copy at a cost.

*Have other questions? Kindly reach out to us

 through our contact form